Scopes and sights services


Professional Full Scope Mount

At White Horse Firearms, we know how important it is to make the perfect shot when it really counts. That is why we go above and beyond when mounting scopes and sighting in your firearms. Our professional process ensures that every component is correctly installed to a factory or manufacturer-like quality. 

Unlike many others, our Professional Full Scope Mount Process prevents scope bases and rings from coming loose and causing your scope to lose its point of aim. We ensure proper scope ring alignment to prevent damage to the scope tubes. Our process adjusts the scope rings for the perfect scope fit which provides a durable hold, shot after shot. With specialized tooling we make sure that your scope's reticle is leveled with the gun and aligned perpendicular to the vertical axis of the guns bore for precision scope alignment.  

For a precise shot we couple this package with our Computerized Laser Bore Sighting Service.   See pricing below.  

Computerized Laser Bore Sighting

Computerized Laser Bore Sighting is our custom bore sighting system that allows us to sight in your firearm to the distance you require. This service is custom to a specific ammunition that you use*. Cartridge specs (velocity) plus bullet weight, shape, and ballistic coefficient are all calculated in determining the scope adjustment required to place you on target at selected ranges up to 300 yards. This service will save you time and money practicing and sighting in your gun at the range; and most importantly you can be sure to make accurate shots when it is needed most. 

*Customer must supply a box of ammunition that they want the firearm sighted for. See pricing below. 

Basic Bore Sighting

For the shooter that likes to hone in their shots at the range, this inexpensive option is the one. Simple laser bore sighting is an initial sighing-in method that aligns the scope to get you "on-paper" at the range. The shooter will need to spend some time at the range to customize the accuracy of their shot placement. Customer needs to finalize sight-in at the range. See pricing below. 

Gunsmith Range Sight-In

Gunsmith Range Sight-In is a service where the gunsmith fires your firearm at the range to hone in on that X ring. After shooting the gunsmith will clean the bore, additional fees may apply if a total cleaning is desired. While many people are satisfied with the results, White Horse Firearms always recommends that you practice and make necessary adjustments for total accuracy. Each shooter is different and results may vary. Environmental conditions may also affect accuracy for shooters. Fee does not include ammunition and/or possible range time. See pricing below. 

Price List

All prices subject to change after inspection. Prices do not include parts.