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White  Horse Firearms seeks to inform our fellow Americans as best we can to  insure strong foundations for our nation. This page is a collection of  resources to help increase the knowledge, and give support, to our  fellow Americans. We feel that the best starting point for a nation,  especially the USA, is to look to the One from whom all of our rights  flow. The best way to understand that is to visit this link first:

Once  the basis of our rights is understood one can better defend those  rights. The links below support Second Amendment issues from Shooting  Sports, to Self Defense, to Current Political issues, and much more.  Please feel free to share these links. 

Great Links

Gun Owners of America

National Rifle Association

Texas State Rifle Association

National Shooting Sports Foundation

Firearms Owners Against Crime

Additional Details

Gun Control Fact Sheet -

America`s Founding Fathers On The Individual Right To Keep And Bear Arms- 

Support Your Local Police  

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. 


Ammo Essentials

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Shooting Tactics

Airsoft Tactics. While this may be written for airsoft shooters, the tactics and information listed is beneficial for those interested in military and tactical shooting.