Gunsmithing Services

Some of our services and prices are listed below. Check out some of the links to see additional services. 

While those listed are not exhaustive, they are the most common. 

If there is something that you don't see here please contact us.


General Repairs

Professional Gunsmithing Services from a Certified Master Gunsmith Serving North East Texas.

Professional Gunsmithing Services from a Certified Master Gunsmith Serving North East Texas. Firearms Maintenance, Repair, & Customization. 

Firearms Cleaning


Check out our professional gun cleaning services and our state of the art Sonic Firearms Cleaning.

Scope and Sighting Services


Firearm Finishes


Firearms refinishing. Parkerizing and classic Slow Rust Bluing. 

Service Price List

All prices subject to change after inspection (Customer will be notified). Prices do not include parts. If a firearm is brought in for cleaning with a functional issue, or in need of repair, an estimate of parts and services required to return item to safe and functional condition will be given prior to any work being started or parts being ordered.

Additional Services

Law Enforcement Armorer


Glock Pistols, Colt 1911s, Mossberg 500 Series Shotguns, AR-15 Rifles, S&W M&P, SIG Pistols, Springfield XD, Beretta 92, H&K USP,  Ruger Mini-14, Ruger Double Action Revolvers, S&W Revolvers, Remington 870 Shotguns,  S&W Auto Pistols 1st - 3rd Gen., H&K MP5 

Cowboy Action Firearms


Common cowboy action revolvers such as Colt and Ruger single actions,  lever action cowboy rifles such as the Winchester ‘92, ‘94, 1866, 1873,  1876, 1886, the Marlin ’94 and ’95, the classic Winchester 97 pump  shotgun, and all of their clones and copies. 

Glock Law Enforcement Armorer




America's Rifle AR-15


America's favorite gun. Hunting, Sporting, and Self Defense. 

Custom Glock Work


Trigger jobs, grip enhancements, caliber conversions, optics, and more.