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Sonic Gun Cleaning


Your firearms are in danger of permanent damage and unreliable operation!

You have made an investment in your firearms that can keep on giving for generations to come. Great investments call for great care. On a regular schedule firearms need to be thoroughly cleaned, lubricated, and protected to ensure their preservation and reliable operation. 

White Horse Firearms LLC provides the best solution for your firearms -- Professional Ultrasonic Cleaning. This high tech cleaning and lubricating method provides unsurpassed cleanliness, especially in hard to reach areas, both inside and out. Our system cleans most types of guns. So whether you have and old plinker, a match-grade handgun, a trusty hunting rifle, or your grandpa's old shotgun, we can help keep them properly maintained and functioning with the best cleaning and lubricating process available. 

With White Horse Firearms Ultrasonic Cleaning, your firearms are cleaned almost as if they just came from the factory, a process that cannot be accomplished by the average hand cleaning methods. 

Don't let unclean firearms with un-burned powder, carbon, metal fouling, lint, dirt, or environmental factors like moisture destroy your precious investments. Normal hand cleaning methods can't reach the areas like Ultrasonic Cleaning can. It cleans every nook and cranny deep down to the metal's pores. 

Contact White Horse Firearms today to schedule your firearms for the ULTIMATE CLEAN, an Ultrasonic Clean, and keep your firearms properly maintained and functioning.

The Ultimate Gun Cleaning


We use specially formulated ultrasonic cleaners -- heated for maximum performance -- that cut through un-burned powder, carbon, lint, oil & dirt.  Ultrasonic transducers mounted to the tank bottom produce high frequency sound waves which cause rapidly alternating high & low pressure conditions in the cleaning solution. Millions of microscopic bubbles form and then implode (a process called cavitation) resulting in an intense scrubbing action that removes fouling even in the smallest indentations, grooves, and areas impossible to reach by hand. 

That stage is followed by ultrasonic lubrication with special oil that insures that the parts are moisture free and protected. Excess lubricant is removed from the parts and then coated with a preserving lubricant to protect the firearm against the elements. 

Once cleaned in our state of the art cleaner your guns are restored to near factory new level of cleanliness. The process does not affect night sights, rubber grips, and plastic frames or leave the parts dried out and unprotected.

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