NRA Certified Instruction



Some  of the topics in the course include: gun safety rules, proper operation  of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols, ammunition knowledge and  selection, selecting and storing a pistol, the fundamentals of shooting,  and pistol inspection and maintenance. An NRA certified instructor will  validate comprehension and application of gun safety rules; range  protocol; proper handling; loading and unloading procedures; application  of pistol shooting fundamentals; stable shooting positions; live fire;  and a final shooting qualification. 



Short Description: This course teaches the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for the safe use of a rifle in target shooting.

More Details:  This course is at least  eight hours long and includes classroom  and range time learning to shoot  rifles. Students learn NRA’s  rules for safe gun handling; rifle parts  and operation;  ammunition; shooting fundamentals; range rules; shooting  from the  bench rest, prone, sitting, standing and kneeling positions;   cleaning; and continued opportunities for skill development.  Students  will receive the Basics of Rifle Shooting handbook, NRA  Gun Safety Rules  brochure, Winchester/NRA Marksmanship  Qualification booklet, take a  Basics of Rifle Shooting Student  Examination, and receive a course  completion certificate.



Short Description:  Teaches beginning reloaders the basic knowledge, skills and attitude  necessary to safely reload metallic cartridges or shotgun shells.

More Details:  Each course (metallic cartridges or shotgun shells) course is eight  hours in length and is conducted in a classroom. Each student is taught  reloading safety; cartridge/ shotshell components; using the reloading  manual and reloading data; equipment; and the metallic cartridge or  shotshell reloading process. Students will receive the NRA Guide to  Reloading handbook, the Basic Reloading Student Exam, a course  completion certificate, NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure, a Basic Firearm  Training Program brochure and a Course Evaluation form.

Advanced: White Horse Firearms also offers advanced metallic cartridge reloading techniques for rifle cartridges. Available 2018. 

Instructor: NRA Certified Reloading Instructor and Certified Reloader by the American Gunsmithing Institute.

Hunter Clinics


Hunting  season may only last a few months, but the NRA has an exciting program  that will keep your hunting skills sharp all year long! If you enjoy  hunting and want to help ensure its future check out a NRA Hunter  Clinic.  The NRA Hunter Clinic Program is designed to teach  advanced hunting skills to all hunters. NRA Instructors are supplied  with up-to-date, educationally sound training manuals supported by the  highly acclaimed NRA Hunter Skills Series books. No matter what, where,  or how you hunt, the NRA has an program that will interest you. Current  topics include: Wild Turkey Hunting, Whitetail Deer Hunting and Western  Big-Game Hunting. 



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Quality and Experienced Certified Instruction


NRA  Certified Firearms Instructor in Rifle, Pistol, and  Reloading.   NRA Certified  Range Safety Officer. NRA Certified Hunter   Clinic Instructor in White Tail Deer, Turkey, and Western Big Game.   Certified Reloader by the American Gunsmithing Institute. 

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