Firearms Appraisals

Appraisal Services

Have your firearms formally appraised by a Certified Firearms Appraiser for estate, insurance, resale and/or tax purposes.

Why have Firearms Appraisals ?

·  Some insurance companies require appraisals for firearms collections.  In addition some policies may not cover the true value amount of your collection. Some policies may not provide full coverage for your  firearms. Find out what your collection is worth so that you can secure  the right insurance to protect your valuables. Get your Gun Value. 

· The IRS requires  that guns that are a significant part of an Estate be appraised for tax  purposes. The same goes for collections of guns that are being donated  to a museum, foundation, or non-profit as a tax deduction. 

· In divorce cases the firearms owned will often have to be valued to spilt up the assets.

· In the case of bankruptcies the guns are considered part of an individuals networth, a certain amount of which if properly documented they get to keep.

· Also individuals that need money for retirement or that need to raise cash,  have to know what their guns are really worth so that they can get a  fair price. In addition surviving spouses or children will often want to  sell a deceased persons firearms, but have no idea of their value. 

Official Firearm Appraisal Form: We provide you an honest, educated opinion with certified documentation for you to use for whatever the reason.

Numbers an Issue? Collection too large to bring in to our shop? No problem; Our Certified Appraiser makes house calls.  We service the Omaha and North East Texas Area. Call about details for your next Gun Appraisal.