About Us


Gunsmith Tom Brooks has had a fascination with guns from a very young age. As a young boy he learned to shoot using his grandfather's bolt action .22 LR and a single shot 12 gauge. His first firearm was a .22 LR Bolt Action Rifle, a Lakefield Mark II, he receive as a gift when he was about 10 years old. As time went on, his experience with firearms grew from hunting, plinking/target practice, and usage in Boy Scouts. 

When Tom was a teenager he met and married an amazing woman who was not lacking in the gun culture, and not afraid to gut a deer. His father-in-law, who was a firearms and hunting enthusiast, introduced Tom to a wide variety of firearms, which he was able to shoot, hunt with, tinker with, and perform maintenance and repairs on. Many hours were spent with his father-in-law enjoying firearms and reloading ammunition. 

Tom's father-in-law, who was a NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, also encouraged Tom to obtain his NRA Instructor certifications; which he did, earning certification in Handgun, Rifle, and Reloading. Additionally, he earned his certification as a NRA Range Safety Officer and later NRA Hunter Clinic Instructor in the areas of White Tail Deer, Turkey, and Western Big Game. 

After a number of years, an opportunity presented itself for Tom to receive formal training as a gunsmith. After earning his professional certifications in gunsmithing Tom opened his first licensed gunsmith shop out of his garage in 2012. While running his new shop he continued to work on advanced gunsmithing skills and certifications eventually earning the Master Gunsmith certificate. 

Today, Tom runs a family owned, family operated, and family oriented business providing professional gunsmithing and firearms services. He believes in passing down to his family the artful skills of a trade that are necessary for protecting and preserving life, liberty, property, and freedom. Even his wife is a certified Firearms Appraiser. The Brooks family believes in being honest and fair in business, treating our customers the way we would want treated (honoring the command to love our neighbors as our selves) and doing business to the Glory of God. 

Education and Certifications

Certified Master Gunsmith. 

Certified: Law Enforcement Armorer, Cowboy Action Armorer, Firearms  Appraiser, 1911 Pistolsmith, Glocksmith, Glock Law Enforcement Armorer,  AR15/M4 Riflesmith, and Reloading Specialist. Certifications through the  American Gunsmithing Institute.
In addition to Professional Gunsmithing Certifications Tom is  also a NRA Certified Firearms Instructor in the disciplines of Rifle,  Pistol, Reloading, and Range Safety Officer. Also, NRA certified as an  Hunter Clinic Instructor in the areas of White Tail Deer, Turkey, and  Western Big Game.

Previously a Glock Certified Armorer.


Endowment- Lifetime Member of the National Rifle Association. Member of Gun Owners of America.